Our Story

In 2008 we started Taobao Field Guide, a website with the mission of helping English speakers understand and benefit from Taobao – China’s number one ecommerce marketplace.

The site brought hundreds of questions about Taobao – people wanting to buy there and businesses wanting to sell there. And those inquiries brought our first clients in the business of enabling businesses to better leverage Taobao for their business.  We refined our process with these partners and distilled it into the packages we offer today.

Overall, our process is built on a few key principles:

Our Principles

Scale up

We offer one of the very few ways to enter the China market which lets you start with a small effective foothold before you scale up. We believe every business should be able to start building their business in China today. Our scaling packages enable our clients to do just that, starting with a brand building program, and building up to a significant ecommerce presence.

Emphasize brand building

Throwing a few pallets of goods over the fence may seem like an easy way to enter China. But the profits of a few pallets is far outweighed by the opportunity you have to build the foundations of a real brand presence in the minds of your consumers. We help you deliver the strenghts of your brand in China, and help you build a brand presence in China which you can own and understand.

Embrace China’s ecommerce and social media

The success factors in China’s ecommerce here are in some ways very different from western markets. Chinese consumers are the most likely in the world to check for product recommendations on social media. This gives brands a great opportunity to build a local presence with authenticity.