Localize your brand to succeed in China

The Art of Localization

Delivering the right message to your Chinese audience is essential to great brand-building, and strong localization is the cornerstone.

We start at the core of your brand, with your distinct brand values or brand story. Our goal is to maintain the essence of your identity while  putting your brand in a context that resonates with Chinese perspective. It takes market analysis, creative exploration, and testing and refinement with target audiences.

Our Localization Process

After initial consultations, we will research your brand and your market before proposing a localization identity guidelines which includes a Chinese brand name, tagline, core values, a company description/brand story and keywords to emphasize in our social media publishing. Everything will have detailed English explanations, especially for any nuanced word choices.

The best brand name is almost always a close transliteration of your English name into Chinese characters. This ensures better name recognition, may identify the name as a premium international brand, and has many other benefits. Even close transliteration, however, can present several distinctly meaningful options.

During the first several months of our social media publishing campaign, we will revisit and refine our initial proposal according to what has best resonated with your consumer audience.

Already Chinese-localized?
If you are already have a complete or partial Chinese localization, we are happy to apply it to our social media campaigns, or review and expand on it with social media messaging.


Localization in Ecommerce

This strong localization will pay dividends again when building your online store and localizing your product postings. Refined localization guidelines will help us to make stronger product pages in line with your company strengths, and enable us to better train our online customer service team on how to represent your products and your company.



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