China Social Media Managment

Your branded Weibo network

Like Western markets, China has a handful of social media options. Unlike the West, China has one clear leader in the social media space: Sina Weibo. It has 360 million users and is the go-to for any brand looking to establish and communicate with a network of followers. We handle all aspects of securing and designing your brand’s Weibo presence.

Content and campaigns to grow your following

Our specialists manage all aspects of your brand’s social media presence, posting content, monitoring and responding to relevant conversations, with a perspective that is in line with your brand values as laid out in our brand localization guidelines. We combine content from your flagship Twitter and Facebook sites with unique content specially for the Chinese audience.

In addition to regular publishing, monitoring and responding, our social media packages include regular audience-building campaigns – contests and promotions such as photo contests, prize giveaways and more. These are proposed and scheduled at the beginning of your program.

Progress is tracked and reported monthly – we keep you updated on audience growth and engagement: how many people are we reaching, who are they, and are they ready to buy your products?

Weibo and Ecommerce

While our social media capabilities are strong brand building tools in themselves, the connection of social media and social ecommerce is where the rubber really hits the road.

Weibo has a special connection to online shopping. Research has found that 6.5% of users’ next click after visiting Weibo went to online shopping websites  – and most of those go directly to Taobao. Synasyze is the only market entry service that optimizes around this powerful connection.

We build an audience that has had the privilege of ‘discovering’ your brand, expand their feelings of ownership and connection, and package our social media content with irresistible exclusive promotions, ready-to-share with their friends.

What about other Chinese Social Media?

We always cover all bases by registering accounts with 10 other Chinese social media networks, and depending on your consumer audience, we may propose a plan which covers multiple networks.  For example, if you are a brand with a lot of great video content, we can help you establish a branded channel on China’s Youtube: Youku.  Or if you are targeting a particular student population, we may help you setup an account on the social network Renren.

But with 360-million engaged users, Weibo is the most popular and the one must-have.



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