Promote your brand in China

Synasyze China Social Media Marketing

Brand building in China today could be one of the most important steps you take for the future growth of your business.  Synasyze Social Marketing allows you to begin building awareness of your brand and collecting a network of consumer fans. We will help you:

  • Localize your brand with messages tailored for the Chinese market
  • Establish your own branded network on China’s popular Weibo network
  • Create a publishing plan with content that promotes your brand
  • Build a network of brand fans with regular promotional campaigns


Localize your brand to win in the Chinese market

Strong localization brings a brand’s essence into the unique context of the target market. Synasyze goes beyond translation, with Chinese-language content that captures what differentiates your brand and inspires your customers at home.

  • Chinese brand localization including brand name, tagline and tailored key messages
  • Understand your Chinese localization, with detailed English explanations
  • Validate examples of how that messaging will become published Weibo content


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Start your branded network on Weibo

Weibo is the leading social media network in China, and is especially relevant for ecommerce business. Research has found that 6.5% of users’ next click after visiting Weibo went to online shopping websites  – most of which go directly to Taobao. Synasyze helps you setup your and manage all aspects of your social media channel.

  • Account setup and verification
  • Graphic design for your Weibo homepage
  • Launch promotions to generate relevant followers


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Content and campaigns to grow your following

Mixing localized content from your flagship Twitter and Facebook sites with unique content specially for the Chinese market, Synasyze will propose a content strategy focused on raising awareness of your key messages, growing a relevant audience through follower-building campaigns and tracking progress with monthly reports.

  • Content plan and daily discussion management
  • Audience building campaigns every 3 months
  • Monthly reporting on audience growth
  • Regular canary tests to determine market readiness


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