Promote your products to sell in China

A great brand and a strong ecommerce channel deserves strong promotion. We utilize a two-pronged ad attack, focusing on the two most effective ways to get things sold.

Cross-promotion between ecommerce and social media

While our social media capabilities are strong brand building tools in themselves, the connection of social media and social ecommerce is where the rubber really hits the road. Weibo has a special connection to online shopping. Research has found that 6.5% of users’ next click after visiting Weibo went to online shopping websites  – and most of those go directly to Taobao. Synasyze is the only market entry service that optimizes around this powerful connection.

Promotion on Taobao

How do Chinese shoppers find the products they buy?  Most shoppers start their search from within*, thanks to its unparalleled selection of 800 million products. That makes it easy to know where to promote, but a very competitive advertising market. Our Taobao Deluxe program offers a smart advertising package including search engine marketing, monitoring and optimization for effective spend on only the highest conversion shopper keywords.


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