Start a Store on China’s Biggest Ecommerce Platform

We offer several levels of ecommerce programs to match your needs.  All programs include a custom-branded ecommerce channel, expertly localized and designed product listings, and access to 370 million consumers.

Online Store Setup and Operations

Identify the SKUs that you would like to sell in the Chinese market, provide product descriptions and key brand and product images. We will with well-designed product pages to make a strong brand impression on your customers. We will customize key product metadata to ensure that your product listings are optimized to be discovered by shoppers.

We take a passionate approach to localization, believing that it is the cornerstone of everything we do, both at the brand and product level. Learn more about our approach to localization.

Online Customer Service

Instant chat is a vitally important part of running an online store.  Nearly every online transaction in China starts with a Wangwang instant message conversation between the buyer and a customer service representative.  It is a critically important part of closing the sale, and a great opportunity to collect customer feedback.

We provide trained online CRM specialists from 9AM to 10PM to be able to answer inquiries on the spot.  We train them on your brand and products and we  measure them regularly on service, speed and product knowledge to ensure they are maintaining the excellence of your brand image.

Start Light and Scale Up, from Taobao to Tmall

Businesses looking to start out with a cost-effective option are able to leverage our exclusive storefront on Taobao.  Even at its early stages, our programs offer Taobao’s full market reach of 370 million, providing great sales potential, and giving you the big picture of your market opportunity.

For businesses who are ready to take their China operations to the next level, we can help setup your own official branded shop on Tmall, the premium section of Taobao.   Tmall requires a larger upfront investment, takes a commission based on revenue and has certain listing requirements which make it less flexible than Taobao, but does offer increased brand exposure and other benefits.

The consumer userbase is identical between Taobao and Tmall. We recommend most of our clients start with one of our Taobao programs to validate their market opportunity before considering a Tmall store.



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