Flexible shipment options to match your needs

Our flexible shipment options allow you to ship only the inventory needed for your specific product conditions.  Small items or high-value, low-turnover items can take advantage of our fast air freight option.  Starting with smaller air shipments can also allow you to start selling quickly, and project the rate of future inventory needs.

Other items with higher volumes and quantities can use two levels of ocean freight: by the CBM or by the container. And if your merchandise is already produced in China, we can help arrange very inexpensive domestic shipping and distribution.

No matter which shipping option you choose, we make it easy to handle your logistics. If in the US, simply send your shipment to our west-coast forwarding center, and you’re done. We have forwarding centers in Western Europe as well, for our European clients.   One-year’s worth of warehousing is included for each shipment.

Customs clearance and regulations

Either way, we will help you handle all customs and regulatory formalities. Your products will go to our Shanghai distribution center – a bonded warehouse which reduces risk by levying customs and taxes only when products are sold.  Customs and taxes are taken out of the final sale price.

Local packing and fulfillment

As your products sell, we will package and ship them out to your customers. Local delivery is paid by the consumer, and they have several inexpensive delivery options.

Collect payments in Chinese RMB and transfer to your account in USD

We collect RMB from your customers, handle the currency exchange to USD, and transfer to your bank account on a monthly basis. An accounting breakdown will be provided for you as part of your monthly report.



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