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Synasyze China Ecommerce Programs

The huge popularity of ecommerce in China has enabled many companies to establish their link with Chinese consumers online and expand into the Chinese market.  Our programs enable our clients to scale up in concert with their market demand. We’ll help you:

  • Showcase your products on Taobao and Tmall, China’s leading shopping portals
  • Promote your products with a mix of smart tactics and social media-driven promotions
  • Enjoy easy logistics; we handle logistics, customs, delivery and payment back to you in USD




Showcase your products on China’s biggest shopping portal

By showcasing your products on Taobao, you will have access to 370 million Chinese consumers. We can help you establish and scale your channel starting with a cost-effective Taobao presence and scaling up to your own premium branded Tmall store. We’ll help you:

  • Establish your ecommerce channel for customers to find your brand and purchase your products
  • Create your online product listings, translating product information and designing engaging product pages
  • Provide online service specialists, trained on your products and ready to answer buyer inquiries


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Promote your products through smart on-site tactics and social media marketing

Smart advertising can greatly increase your product listings’ chances of being discovered.  That starts with social media, which has a particularly effective connection with ecommerce in China.  We also offer additional advertising packages to promote your products to online shoppers. Synasyze promotional programs give your brand every chance to shine, and your products every chance to sell.

  • Product promotion through best-practice SEM tactics
  • Cross-promotions using Weibo social media marketing channels
  • Measurement and reporting on promotional effectiveness


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Enjoy easy overseas logistics and customs, and local delivery

We manage everything related to logistics and customs.  Simply send your shipments to our west-coast forwarding center, and we will make your first ocean shipment and manage customs. As your products sell, we fulfill orders, collect payment in RMB and remit the money to you in USD.

  • Enjoy no-hassle logistics and customs management all included in the package
  • Local fulfillment: we pick, pack and ship individual orders to your consumers
  • Collect payments from Chinese consumers, remitted to you in USD


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